French mirrors and gilding services from France

Bonjour !

I invite you to discover a selection of antique mirrors with gold or silver leaves restored in my studio. As well contemporary creations of mirrors.
All my mirrors and gilded frames are respecting a traditional and ancestral knowledge.
I’m specialized in Louis Philippe mirrors.

Gilder on wood, enthusiast by my job, I always have been fascinated by the delicacy of gold leaves and “massive” effect once the object is finished.
I very much like working with other metals like silver, aluminum, oxidized copper…

If you are looking for a French antiquity, I can find it for you, and restore it before shipping. I have a network of antique dealers and individuals with whom I work regularly.

If you have a project, a simple idea of an object to be gilded, feel free to contact me.

I recently decided to take responsibility for part of my shipping costs.
I can ship to all countries, do not hesitate to contact me to request a quote.

You are more numerous visitors on my shop. I just want to say thank you!

Dorure Laverriere:
Gilding services from France, gilt restorations, giltwood, French antique mirror and design mirror.

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