Antique golden Louis Philippe

Gold Louis Philippe mirror
from the early XX century

Sizes : 114 x 62 cm or 24.4 x 44.88 inches.

Finish : Gold leaves

Antique mirror gilded with gold leaves, Louis philippe style.
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(for France, Usa, Europe, Other country please contact me)

This French mirror has been restored in my workshop using traditional techniques of gilding on wood.
Photos of the restoration on my facebook:

Although the gold is worn it keeps its beautiful shine !

The wall mirror is in wood, stucco and gold leaves.
It’s engraved with a beautiful floral patern and pearls.
If you wish, I can re-gild it with gold leaves to be more golden and less worn.
(it will take a charge of 100 euros for the gold and time spent)

The mirror and the wooden box are original.
(The old mirror can be change by a new one if you prefer.)

It can be hung in both directions.
Please tell me the direction desired when you purchase, so I can fix the hooking hooks.

It will be perfect for interior wall decor!

The mirror will be shipped in a wooden box.

To reduce maximum shipping costs because the mirror is heavy,
I support half of the shipping costs.

For any further information feel free to contact me.


Price : 961 $ (US Dollars)

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