Diamond engraved gilden Louis Philippe

Gilded Louis Philippe mirror
from the 30’s

Sizes : 42.5 x 51.5 cm or 16.53 x 20 inches.

Finish : Gold leaves

Antique Louis Philippe mirror gilded with gold leaves.

This old French mirror has been restored in my studio by myself, using the techniques and traditional methods of gilding on wood.

The wall mirror was made on wood and stucco. It has a nice “diamond” engraved with flowers, as well as pearls.

The wooden back and the glass are originals, only nails were changed.
The gllas is very old, it can be changed by a new one if you prefer( for the same price).


The mirror will be shipped in a wooden box.
Delivery cost reduced (I will take my cover part of the shipping cost):
20 euros for France, for Europe 30 euros, 40 euros for USA.

Feel free to contact me for any futher information.
If you are looking for this mirror style in another size, please contact me, I can do some research for you.

The mirror will be shipped in a wooden box.

For shipment to a country not listed in my rates, feel free to contact me.

Price : 396 $ (US Dollars)

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