French regency mirror style

Vintage golden leaves frame

Sizes: 03.5 x 76.5 cm 40.55 x 30 inches

Fond rebate (within location of the table): 85.5 x 57.5 cm or 33.46 x 22.44 inches
Vue: 54.5 x 82.5 cm or 21.25 x 32.28 inches

Finish : Gold leaves

It can be used as a mirror or as a framework. This is a copy realized with the same techniques of traditional gilding on wood.
It is gilded with gold imitation leaves.
The steps and preparations comply with the techniques of gilding on wood.

It will be shipped in a custom-made wooden box.
Feel free to contact me for any futher information.

Price : 595 $ (US Dollars)

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